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Aim. Evaluate the effectiveness of the developed new approach to the analysis of the activity of the epidemic process and the effectiveness of the prevention of parasitic diseases, based on a multi-level monitoring system. Materials and methods. The data of official statistical observation for 2010-2016 are analyzed for all subjects of the Russian Federation. To search for the regularities in large volumes of data, Data Mining is used. Results. The analysis made it possible to characterize the activity of the epidemic process of parasitic diseases in the territory of Russia. Application of methods of mathematical modeling allowed to form a prognosis of morbidity/affection by the results of sanitary-parasitological studies. The regions in which the inadequate quality of sanitary-parasitological studies led to discrepancies between actual and predicted lesions were identified. Conclusion. The conducted study made it possible to establish that the developed approach is effective for assessing the activity of the epidemic process and the effectiveness of preventing parasitic diseases, structuring statistical information by regions and nosologies, identifying trends in morbidity, and developing regional prevention programs.

About the authors

T. F. Stepanova

Tyumen Region Infection Pathology Research Institute

Author for correspondence.
Email: noemail@neicon.ru
Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2018 Stepanova T.F.

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